Under Pressure

The King County health department is cracking down on sous-vide cooking. Chef Jason Wilson of Crush already has his head above water.

11/17/2009 By Jessica Voelker


Holiday Spirit

Consider these two approaches to making eggnog: the old family recipe that ferments in the garage, and a contemporary recipe from Kathy Casey.

11/17/2009 By Jess Thomson

Behind the Bar

Five Questions for the Bartender: Kristen Finstad

Shhh. Don’t tell this Hideout bartender that the Sonics were sold—basketball and bigfoot are her two great Seattle loves.



Geraldine’s Counter Feeds the Hungry

Decorate cookies, chow mac ‘n’ cheese, support an overburdened food bank

11/16/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Eat-em-up Events

Local Food Bloggers Devour Tips from the Steamy Kitchen

The Miami food scribe broke out the blogging how-tos at a recent potluck.

11/13/2009 By Kaitlin Nunn


Stressed at the Thought of Thanksgiving Dinner?

Then head to the farmers market this weekend.

11/13/2009 By Seattle Met Staff

Dining Specials

Friday Night Specials: November 13

Tonight’s menu at St. Clouds, Toscano, and Flying Fish.

11/13/2009 By Leah Kraus

Buzzworthy Events

Beaujolais Day at Café Campagne

Thursday, November 19 is the day to fete it up French style.


Cooking Tips

Kitchen Counsel

Brian Parks, the new toque at Quinn’s, knows a little spice makes all things nice.

11/12/2009 By Kristin Cordova

Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: Garage

The way I see it, bowling at Garage during happy hour is almost as good as going to the gym. And it’s a lot more fun.


Buzzworthy Events

Tonight: Learn Things While Drinking

Art of wine at 12th and Olive, art and wine at Studio 1000



Cheap Date: Zhivago’s Cafe


Dollar(s) Menu

Cheap Date: Zhivago’s Cafe

With all piroshki costing just $4.85, it’s actually hard not to fill up on a budget.

11/11/2009 By Nick Feldman


The Dahlia Turns 20

And just look what you could win.

11/11/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


Cheap Wine for Weekdays: Barnard Griffin 2008 Syrah

A fruit-forward wine that tastes great alongside all manner of red meat.


Service Awards

Want Something Sparkly?

Talk to Toshi at Quinn’s.


Only 17 More Shopping Days!

Thanksgiving Dinner

When all you want to make for Thanksgiving is reservations.

11/09/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Food Deals

Case of the Mondays?

Ease the pain with Monday Night Supper at Spring Hill.

11/09/2009 By Jessica Voelker