The Sitka and Spruce Reboot

How is the restaurant settling into its new Melrose Market digs? Seattle Met’s critic finds out.

By Christopher Werner September 27, 2010

Sitka and Spruce at Melrose Market.

One of the more anticipated restaurant debuts of the year, Sitka and Spruce in Melrose Market has packed in Matthew Dillon disciples since service started at the end of May.

As Kathryn Robinson points out in her new review, the restaurant’s polished and sparkly surrounds are quite a contrast from the wee Eastlake storefront where Dillon first launched S & S four years ago. There, Robinson makes note, she encountered “one of the finest forkfuls I have tasted.”

Does Robinson find the same slack-jawing fare at Sitka 2.0? Read the review and find out.

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