Seattle Met illuminates a thriving city for newcomers and longtime residents, chronicling the present and our city's rich past with both gravitas and irreverence, and tracing our connection to the nation and the world. We cover arts, dining, fashion, travel, and the great outdoors. Seattle Met is essential reading for understanding the city and making the most of living here. 


Eric Nusbaum
Editor in Chief

Allecia Vermillion
Executive Editor

Allison Williams
Deputy Editor



Les Utley
Sales Director, Pacific Northwest

Terri Kiesenhofer
Sales Account Executive

Liz Utley
Sales Account Executive

Debbie Anderson
Destination Marketing Hawaii, 808-739-2200

SagaCity Media

SagaCity Media is the parent company of the preeminent lifestyle media brands in Portland, Seattle, Houston, Sarasota, Aspen, Vail and Park City. In their respective markets, Portland Monthly, Seattle Met, Houstonia and Sarasota produce the largest-selling magazines, most-visited local lifestyle websites and industry-dominating numbers of engaged social media followers. SagaCity also proudly produces web content and publications elsewhere, many of them award-winning, for conventions and visitors bureaus or lodging associations in such markets as Portland, Seattle, Santa Monica, Aspen, Washington state, eastern Oregon, Bellevue, Tacoma, Galveston, Aurora, Greenville and Vancouver.

Nicole Vogel
CEO & Founder

Mike Burns
Senior Vice President, Omnichannel Sales

Alexis Liu
Vice President, People & Culture + Systems

Angela Cabotaje
Vice President, Editorial

Tod Harrick
Vice President, Platform, Commerce and Analytics

Dan Derozier
Vice President, Digital Operations

Abby Drago
Vice President, Advertising Operations

Kyle Berry
Assistant Controller

Michael Novak
Senior Art Director

Jane Sherman
Creative Director

In Churl Yo
Production Director

Anne Reeser
Design Director

Beth Baumberger
Art Director, Marketing

Amy Kinkead
Art Director

Nate Bullis
Art Director

Trish Bruno
E-commerce Relationship Manager

Scott Weber
Production Manager

Guy Vilt
Production Manager

Andrea Kuntz
People Operations Manager

Diana Clenney
Accounts Receivable Manager

Margaret Seiler
Managing Editor, Print

Sarah Nipper
Managing Editor, Digital

Dalila Brent
Digital Engagement Editor, SagaCity Media

Benjamin Cassidy
Features Editor

Zoe Sayler
E-commerce Editor

Janet Tran
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Adam Amato
Digital Advertising Operations Coordinator

Victoria Vidal
Digital Advertising Operations Coordinator

Faith Paris
Digital Advertising Operations Coordinator

Kacie Hanson
Digital Advertising Operations Coordinator

Lisa Vogel
Accounting Coordinator