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Best Seahawks Gear for Seattle Superfans

Seattle Seahawks jackets, T-shirts, hats, and even a little something for your cat—we're all 12s here.

11:13am By Zoe Sayler

News Wire

Crew Shortages Rock Washington State Ferries

A new ferry schedule cuts back on the number of boats servicing Seattle and the rest of the Puget Sound region.

10:00am By Benjamin Cassidy

State of Real Estate

Is Downtown Seattle Poised for a Real Estate Comeback?

The Seattle housing market is wild, but year-over-year growth last month means the drama isn't over yet.

9:17am By Sarah Anne Lloyd

Coronavirus Chronicles

Some of Us Are in a Disaster Cascade

A Washington State Department of Health report shows that, on the heels of the Delta variant, many people are heading back toward disillusionment.

9:07am By Malia Alexander

News Wire

Where Does Amazon's New Remote Work Policy Leave Seattle?

The company's CEO, Andy Jassy, has said team leaders can decide how often corporate employees work remotely.

10/14/2021 By Benjamin Cassidy

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Shota Nakajima Brings Restaurant Wars Creation Kokoson to Seattle

For one night only, the Latin-Asian kaiseki creation of four Top Chef contestants will be a real thing here in town.

10/14/2021 By Allecia Vermillion