Children's Hospital to Invest $2M to Improve Bike and Ped Infrastructure

As part of their $1 billion expansion and 20-year comprehensive transportation plan, Seattle Children's hospital is spending $2 million to improve bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Northeast Seattle.

10/28/2010 By Josh Cohen


Q&A With a Bike-Riding Bus Driver: Can Bikes and Buses Coexist?

Transportation advocates often lump bikes and buses into the same alternatives-to-SOVs category, but in the real world, bikes and buses can actually pose a conflict to each other. This Q&A with a bike-commuting Metro bus driver examines at those confl

10/26/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: The Truth About Truing

This week's Ask BikeNerd deals with the extremely important, but somewhat daunting task of truing bike wheels. Not sure what that even means, let alone how to do it? Read on.

10/22/2010 By Josh Cohen


Queen Anne's Got A Connection Problem

Queen Anne's inter-neighborhood connectivity is getting a boost this week thanks to a new bike lane and sharrows on Taylor Ave. However, if you want leave the neighborhood by bike and head toward downtown, your options are limited.

10/21/2010 By Josh Cohen


Bike Lanes And Sharrows Bound For Queen Anne This Week

Thanks to its daunting topography, Queen Anne offers very few bike routes feasible for your everyday, mortal bicyclist. But, one of those rare rideable routes, Taylor Ave, is getting some much needed improvements in the next few days in the form of a clim

10/20/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: The Lake on the Burke-Gilman Trail

This week's Ask BikeNerd deals with a newly formed safety hazard on the Burke Gilman trail. In attempting to fix a problematic spot near Gas Works, SDOT inadvertently created an extra problem.

10/15/2010 By Josh Cohen


Bicycling Offers Things Cars and Buses Simply Cannot

Righteous bike advocates love to talk about saving the environment and curbing obesity when they hype biking as a viable transportation alternate. Yawn. While those are important things, they don't capture why biking is really better than sitting in your

10/14/2010 By Josh Cohen


SDOT Lays Out Cash to Help Kids Walk and Bike to School

In recognition of International Walk to School month, the Seattle Department of Transportation is offering grants up to $1,000 to help fund safe biking and walking programs for kids. It's a smart use of money that could have valuable long-term impacts as

10/13/2010 By Josh Cohen

Arts & Culture

Seattle Bicycle Film Festival Starts Tonight

The 10th Annual Bicycle Film Festival kicks off its three-day Seattle stint tonight at Western Bridge (3412 4th Ave S). Get ready for more bike culture, plaid buttonups, and Rainier tallboys than you can shake a stick at.

10/08/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: Stop in the Name of Law?

This week's Ask BikeNerd question tackles everyone's favorite subject to get hot and bothered over: how should bicyclists behave on the road?

10/08/2010 By Josh Cohen


McGinn's $13 Million Walk Bike Ride Plan Is More Equitable Than You Think

When Mayor Mike McGinn announced $13 million in alternative transportation funding in his otherwise bleak budget, he was decried as once again pandering to bicyclists at everyone's expense. A closer look at the budget breakdown reveals an equitable block

10/08/2010 By Josh Cohen


Is Education The Real Key To Getting More People on Bikes?

Quality infrastructure has long been touted as the key to boosting the number of bicyclists. But, a recent campaign in Bellingham shows that targeted education can have a seriously significant influence on the number of riders on the road.

10/05/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: Tools of the Trade and Post-Accident Advice

This week's Ask BikeNerd answers questions on preparing for the inevitable flat tires and mechanical issues and how to handle yourself after getting hit by a car.

10/01/2010 By Josh Cohen


Study Shows Hope for Seattle Bike Infrastructure

The latest American Community Survey shows that the percentage of bike commuters in Seattle was stagnant from 2008 to 2009. BikeNerd is not only not discouraged, he's downright optimistic about the possibility of growth from here on out.

09/30/2010 By Josh Cohen


In an Otherwise Slash and Burn Budget, Mayor Proposes $13 Million for Alt-Transportation

Amid the news of reduced services, hiring and salary freezes, and scaled-back library and recreation funding, Mayor McGinn sneaked in one promising proposal for alternative transportation: a $13 million funding increase for walking, biking, and transit pr

09/28/2010 By Josh Cohen

Last Night

Last Night: Saturday at Lake Union Park

Wickedly-strong fertilizer smell aside, South Lake Union park's grand opening ceremony was the perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday and might have been BikeNerd's entry point into yet another expensive and nerdy hobby, stand-up paddle boarding.

09/27/2010 By Josh Cohen

PubliCola Adds Life

Interbike's Pragmatic Bike Porn

The gigantic bike industry trade show Interbike is always a gold mine for unbelievably fast, lightweight, race bikes dripping with sex-appeal. But every year, the show sees more and more products for practical, urban bicyclists, many of which are encased

09/24/2010 By Josh Cohen


I Should Really Follow My Own Advice

BikeNerd came mighty close to getting squished last weekend, all because he wasn't following his own good advice to stay off the sidewalk.

09/22/2010 By Josh Cohen


The Struggle for Standardization

With so many recent innovations and experiments in on-road bicycle facility design, there's little consensus on how best to design them or even what to call a particular design. But standardization is necessary if Seattle wants to meet its Bike Master Pla

09/22/2010 By Josh Cohen


PARK(ing) Day Parks Reclaim Seattle Streets

Starting in 2005 with a single converted parking space in San Francisco, PARK(ing) Day has grown to an international movement with hundreds of cities worldwide converting parking spaces into temporary public parks to reimagine public land use.

09/17/2010 By Josh Cohen