Last Night

Last Night: Smash Putt

Spinning saw blades, mechanized ramps, high-powered golf ball cannons, barren holding cells? All part of Smash Putt's bizarro traveling mini-golf installation in SODO.

09/13/2010 By Josh Cohen

This Washington

Bicycle Alliance Outlines Legislative Agenda. Is Seattle With Them?

The 2011 legislative session still feels far away (we still need to finish electing our legislators, after all), but Bicycle Alliance of Washington already has their priorities laid out. Amongst them: 20mph speed limits, better driver education, stronger

09/10/2010 By Josh Cohen


SDOT Proposes City's First Cycle Track (Again), This Time For Linden Ave

This is the third time the city has proposed building the city's "first" cycle track. Nonetheless, the proposed two-way, parking protected cycle track on Linden Ave looks promising and will complete a missing link in the Interurban Trail.

09/08/2010 By Josh Cohen


Beacon BIKES! Hires Alta Planning + Design

Grassroots bike and pedestrian advocacy group Beacon BIKES! hired professional planning consultant Alta Planning + Design, putting their $15,000 Department of Neighborhoods grant to work and their plan in motion.

09/07/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: Jerks in the Bike Lane

Cars, cabs, and trucks treat bike lanes like bonus parking spots all too often, but how should bicyclist proceed? Call it in? Sulk? Ignore it? Write an angry blog post?

09/03/2010 By Josh Cohen


Queen Anne Community Group Planning Kinnear Park Multi-Use Trail

Lower Queen Anne's Kinnear Park may be getting a brand new multi-use trail thanks to the efforts of a grassroots community organization. The trail would offer bicycles and pedestrians a safe connection between Uptown and Myrtle Edwards park.

09/02/2010 By Josh Cohen


We All Pay For The Roads

Without fail, anytime a new on-road bike project is introduced, someone makes the claim that bikes haven't paid for their right to the road. A look at SDOT's funding sources, however, reveals that that simply isn't true.

08/31/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: Getting Newbies on a Bike and on the Road

This week's Ask BikeNerd caters to the needs of bicycling newbies: What kind of bike should I buy, how much should I pay, where should I buy it, and how do I ride it?

08/30/2010 By Josh Cohen


The Feasibility of Family Cycling

Parents often have a tough time imagining how they could meet their families' many needs without a car. Seattle's got plenty of living examples that prove it's possible.

08/27/2010 By Josh Cohen


Beacon Hill Bike Group Gets Organized. And Gets Cash.

Unsatisfied with the intra-neighborhood bike and pedestrian facilities in Beacon Hill, Beacon BIKES! organized, landed a $15,000 grant, and set out to create a neighborhood network that meets their needs.

08/24/2010 By Josh Cohen


SDOT Seeking 2010 Bike Count Volunteers

SDOT seeks volunteers for their expanded 2010 bike counts. The counts could help them with both the Bike Master Plan goals and their public outreach efforts.

08/24/2010 By Josh Cohen

This Washington

We Need a Vulnerable Users Law, ASAP

An uninsured eastern-Washington driver will likely go unpunished after hitting and severely injuring a bicyclist and killing a pedestrian. It's just another amongst many examples of why Washington needs a vulnerable users law.

08/20/2010 By Josh Cohen


Reminder: SDOT Open House for Revised Dexter Ave Plans Tonight

SDOT is holding a public open house tonight for their revised Dexter Ave bike plans. Don't miss your chance to weigh in on the highs and lows of the project.

08/19/2010 By Josh Cohen


I Heart Bike Works

Columbia City's Bike Works does a lot of good with their youth and adult programs, bike recycling, and community investment. But its also a great place to find a damn good deal.

08/18/2010 By Josh Cohen


Times' Road Diet Story Perpetuates Car vs Bikes

The Seattle Times' coverage of SDOT's proposed 125th St. road diet rehashes the tired bikes-vs.-cars debate, but it also demonstrates a need for the city to rethink its approach.

08/16/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: Baffling Bike Lanes and Basic Maintenance

This week's Ask BikeNerd delves into the minds at the Seattle Department of Transportation and gets at the logic of their bike facility selection and designs. It also offers some advice for wannabe bike mechanics.

08/13/2010 By Josh Cohen


Roosevelt-11th Ave Bike Lane Couplet is a Welcome Addition

SDOT installed traditional bike lanes on 11th Ave through the U-District this week, the second half of the Roosevelt-11th Ave couplet. BikeNerd took the lanes for a test spin and (mostly) liked what he saw.

08/12/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ballard Bridge East Sidewalk Closed for Three Weeks

Bicyclists and pedestrians beware, the Ballard bridge east sidewalk will be closed for the next three weeks (excluding weekends) to allow contractors to clean and paint the handrails.

08/12/2010 By Josh Cohen


SDOT Backs Off Dexter Ave "Cycle Track" Plans

After hearing concerns and complaints about the original plan to have parked cars serve as a physical buffer between the bike and car travel lanes, the city's transportation department is backing off from plans to install the city's first cycle track on D

08/11/2010 By Josh Cohen


Thomas Street Bike Overpass May Finally Get Funding

A $3.96 million grant from the Puget Sound Regional Council could provide the funding necessary to complete the a bike and pedestrian overpass over West Thomas St., if it passes approval by the PSRC's executive board.

08/06/2010 By Josh Cohen