Keep Your Kid Rolling With Bike Works' Swap

By Josh Cohen May 7, 2010

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As the younger sibling, I received a lot of hand-me-downs as a kid. The bike my sister learned to ride on became my first bike. When she outgrew her green GT mountain bike in middle school, I became the proud new owner (though my friends gave me grief about riding a "girl's" bike). Tomorrow, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Bike Works is turning the Genesee Playfield (43rd Ave. S. and S. Genesee St.) in Columbia City into a giant family garage with their annual kids' bike swap.

Parents and kids are encouraged to bring old kids' bikes (24-inch wheels or smaller, no adult bikes) that no longer fit to trade in for bikes that do. Bike Works is providing more than 100 donated kids' bikes to help facilitate the swap. When someone brings a bike, a Bike Works employee will assign it a value. If that bike has a lesser value than the one it's being traded for, the swapper pays the difference (usually no more than $12, according to Bike Works' website).

For families without a bike to trade, bikes will be available for sale starting at noon.
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