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Coronavirus Chronicles

Long Covid Patients Are Still Seeking Answers 3 Years Later

Seattle researchers from UW Medicine, Swedish Medical Center, and the Institute for Systems Biology join an ambitious study to help Covid long haulers.

03/28/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Best of the City

Top Dentists 2023

Seattle Met's annual list of the best dental practitioners in the Seattle area.

02/16/2023 By Seattle Met Staff

Breakthrough Alert

Are We on the Cusp of a Breast Cancer Vaccine?

Dr. Nora Disis and other scientists at UW Medicine's Cancer Vaccine Institute inch closer to a medical moonshot 100 years in the making.

01/23/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Sick SZN

RSV in Seattle: Symptoms, How Long It Lasts, and Treatments

Seattle's RSV cases are surging much sooner than usual and in more children. Dr. Mary King of Seattle Children's explains why.

12/14/2022 By Spencer Brown

Pride City

LGBTQ Health and Wellness Resources in Seattle

Clinic and health care organizations that provide stigma-free medical help for everyone in the queer community, from hormone therapy to free STI testing.

11/16/2022 By Sophia Urabe and Seattle Met Staff

We Made the List

Seattle's the 10th Most Burned Out City in the Country

We're burned out and it shows. The symptoms for burnout are far ranging and reach multiple occupations, including health care and education.

11/08/2022 By Angela Cabotaje


True Stories: What We Lost and Found After Fentanyl

Six King County and Seattle locals share the impact the illicit and highly addictive drug has had on their lives.

11/03/2022 By Angela Cabotaje Photography by Antoine Fougere

Just the Facts

Fentanyl and Narcan 101

From rainbow fentanyl and other forms of the illicit drug to how to use emergency naloxone to stop an overdose.

11/03/2022 By Angela Cabotaje With Taylor McKenzie Gerlach


How Can We Solve King County's Fentanyl Problem?

Seattle's opioid troubles have deep roots, and experts argue for a wholistic, harm-reduction approach. But stigma and NIMBYism continue to stall efforts.

11/03/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

SAD News

A Sleep Scientist Says Permanent Daylight Saving Time Is a Bad Idea

University of Washington researcher Horacio de la Iglesia critiques the Sunshine Protection Act backed by Washington sen. Patty Murray.

10/27/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy

Coronavirus Chronicles

Bivalent Boosters: Side Effects, Safety, and More

Dr. Mark Del Becarro of Public Health—Seattle and King County answers your burning questions about the updated Covid-19 booster shot.

10/25/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Coronavirus Chronicles

FDA Approves Omicron Booster Shots for Kids As Young As 5

The FDA and CDC approved a second booster shot for those as young as 5 heading into the fall and winter season.

10/12/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Coronavirus Chronicles

Governor Inslee Ends Covid-19 State of Emergency

Here's what that means for Washington, mask mandates, and other pandemic response efforts in Seattle.

10/07/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Mental Health

Anxiety Screenings Recommended for All Adults Under 65

Here's what these new mental health screening recommendations mean for your next doctor appointment in Seattle and King County.

09/30/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

What the Flu

Is This Year's Flu Season Going to Suck?

A Virginia Mason doctor answers your pressing influenza queries: When is flu season, who needs a flu shot, can you get it with a Covid booster, and more.

09/26/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Data Dive

You Can Expect to Live Longer in Washington

New CDC figures show that life expectancy dipped across the U.S. as Covid began to spread. But our longevity number remains resiliently high.

09/23/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy

Best of the City

Top Doctors 2022

Seattle Met's annual list of the best health care professionals in the region.

09/07/2022 By Seattle Met Staff

Future of Health

Modern Medicine

These aren’t your grandma’s medical pros.

09/06/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Modern Medicine

Rise of the TikTok Doc

Local physicians Dr. Grace Chang, Dr. Lora Shahine, and Dr. Tessa Commers drop medical knowledge one social media video at a time.

09/06/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Modern Medicine

Losing Religion from Health Care

When medical matters and matters of faith collide, licensed marriage and family therapist Angela Day toes a careful line.

09/06/2022 By Angela Cabotaje