Rene Redzepi Chefs the Best Restaurant in the World. Would You Like to Meet Him?

Say hello to the man himself at MistralKitchen on October 5.

By Jessica Voelker September 29, 2010

This guy makes food at the best restaurant in the world.

Next time your hyperbole-prone friend calls you and says “Oh my god, I seriously went to the best restaurant in the whole world last night!” don’t just roll your eyes. Say this: Was it Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark?" If she responds that no, it wasn’t Noma, feel free to in-your-face her with a smug “then it wasn’t the best restaurant in the world, pal.”

Because Noma is, they say, the best restaurant in the world. This pertains to we, the citizens of Seattle, in two ways:

1. It makes us excited that Blaine Wetzel, apprentice to Noma chef Rene Redzepi, has chosen the Willow’s Inn on Lummi Island in the San Juans as his new place of employ.

2. It makes us excited that Redzepi, who recently authored a cookbook called NOMA: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine, will be stopping by Seattle’s own Mistralkitchen next Tuesday, October 5 at 6pm for a Cooks and Books Event. Tickets are still available and cost $150—that buys you the book, plus cocktails and snacks and a chance to talk to the great Redzepi himself. Call 206-632-2419.

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