Drinking Lessons Back in Session at the Sorrento

Upcoming: Sambar’s Jay Kuehner on the art of cocktail improv and a whiskey tasting with the Bartenders Guild.

September 29, 2010

The Hunt Club bar serves as classroom for Jay Kuehner, who teaches the art of cocktail improvisation on November 1.

Just learned of two upcoming Drinking Lessons in October and November. If you don’t recall, Drinking Lessons is a series of cocktail classes at the Sorrento Hotel. If you’re just looking for an excuse to drink, these are not the events for you. The Drinking Lessons I’ve attended have been as earnestly pedagogical as they were boozy. This is something I admire.

Firstly, on October 13, we have a whiskey class in the Fireside Room of the Sorrento Hotel. A cocreation with the Washington State Bartenders Guild, it includes a brief whiskey overview followed by a tasting. Tickets are $25, buy them

Then, on the first day of the eleventh month of this year, Jay Kuehner, the most gracious of local bartenders, is conducting a class on creating on-the-spot cocktails. Kuehner has built a reputation for improvisation behind the bar—mostly at Sambar in Ballard. The class takes place at 6pm and then again at 8 at the Sorrento’s Hunt Club bar. It costs $50. (The price typically covers the bartender’s talk plus drinks and snacks.) This is an event bound to be full of goodness. Tickets here.

The Sorrento’s full schedule of fall events is up on the hotel’s web site.

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