In Bellevue

Wine Dinners

Every month a different theme

03/26/2009 By Seattle Met Staff


Happy Hour of the Week: La Isla

Cheap island fare in Ballard


Only five months old!

Pizzeria Down

Pizza Fusion fails to make it in Seattle

03/25/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


Five Questions for the Bartenders

A collection of behind-the-bar interviews


New Deals

Kukuruza Popping Up at Happy Hour

With apologies for the horrible pun.


Cheap, fast, delish

Downtown Lunching?

Have I got a joint for you

03/24/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Booze News

How High? Knee High

New speakeasy-style bar opens tomorrow night on Olive Way.


Life imitates reality show!

Chef Wanted at Hunt Club

And just look how they’re filling the post

03/23/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Behind the bar

Five Questions for the Bartender: JJ Wandler

The owner/barman at Gainsbourg is also a union hero, a pusher of Pernod, and a diehard David Lynch Fan.


Yum of the Week

The New Vios at Third Place

Oh, the kopanisti!

03/21/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


Lunch: Make it Fun Again

Why not spring out of your lunch rut with these downtown lunch-hour superstars?


Bummer, cont.

Details on the Demise of Culinary Communion

And its big going-out-of-biz sale

03/19/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

This just in

Chef Ericka Burke Leaves Oddfellows Cafe

Guess who’s replacing her?

03/19/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Booze News

New Croc Opens Tonight!

Check out the very cool update of a Belltown icon.



Flights to Italy

At Tidbit Bistro, sample the best boozes from the Boot.

03/18/2009 By Ashley Gartland

Oeno Files

Cheap Wine for Weeknights: Marques de Caceres Rioja

A value rioja for the dinner table.


It's Tomorrow Night

Soundbite Rocks Seattle

Get out your dancin’ shoes and elastic-waist pants

03/18/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


For the Love of Froth

Stocking Seattle’s best beer bar is no easy task.

03/18/2009 By Ashley Gartland

Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: Monsoon East

Crazy good happy hour food on the other side of the lake.


Mark your calendars

New Brunches and Lunches

Look what the recession dragged in

03/17/2009 By Seattle Met Staff