The new Dick’s will open in north Seattle.

Gussied-up burgers have had their haute moment. So have the novelty spin-offs. But if there’s one beefwich that will never fall out of favor with Seattleites, it’s the Dick’s Deluxe.

Seattleites love them their Dick’s. Take a gander at our Taste of the Town series and you see that the greasy spoon is an oft-mentioned favorite of the people profiled. When Dick’s execs polled the public on where to open a new location—their first in 36 years—the local chain pulled in more than 115,000 votes. Talk about fulfilling your civic duties.

The company announced Monday that the majority of those votes went toward planting Dick’s #6 in northern Seattle, which could mean anywhere from Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood to Edmonds or South Everett. (To help you visualize: the idea is to keep the new location within a 20-mile radius of the original Dick’s in Wallingford.) North Seattle represented 46 percent of the votes, south Seattle 28, and the Eastside 26 percent.

Exciting news for northenders, but they’ll have to wait awhile before getting their burgers-and-fries fix close to home. Dick’s VP Jim Spady doesn’t expect the joint will open until 2011, or even as late as 2012.

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