Word came Friday that Lombardi’s in Ballard will close October 9. Sibs in Issaquah and Everett will remain open, under the helmsmanship of owner Diane Symms’ daughter, Kerri Lonergan.

For 22 years the Ballard Lombardi’s has been holding down the corner of 22nd and Market—a feat of endurance for any restaurateur, given the day-in-day-out rigors of the job—so whether or not you ever darkened its door, a round of applause is in order.

Next for that epicentral space? From her blog:

“Symms made the decision to close the Ballard Lombardi’s after being approached by another local entrepreneur. She can’t reveal much about the transaction but said the new owner has deep roots in the Seattle restaurant community. The new restaurant will be a “gastro pub” and expects to be open in early December. Details on the new restaurant will be announced by its owner in the coming weeks.”

Gastropub, eh? She’s waxing discreet and nobody’s told us nothin’. But it seems reasonable to speculate that gastropub + deep roots in Seattle community points either to Scott Staples (owner of Quinn’s Gastropub and Restaurant Zoe and, whispers have it, a soon-to-open burgerie in Fremont) or Dana Tough and Brian McCracken (owners of Spur Gastropub), both of whom have been rather openly shopping for spaces.

We’ll let you know.

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