Five Dollar Lunch: Downtown’s New Japanese Hot Dog Stand

Gourmet Dog Japon serves up sausages dressed with katsu sauce, bonito flakes, and wasabi mayo.

By Jessica Voelker September 24, 2010

Gourmet Dog Japon

I came across this little Second-and-Pike treasure walking to work yesterday. Turns out owner Shinsuke Nikaido—a Tokyo-born real estate developer who told me he started selling hot dogs for fun—has been in business for two months already. And he has another stand, the original Gourmet Dog Japon location, in Pike Place Market.

Nikaido’s eight specialty dogs range in price from $3.86 for the "plain hot dog" to $4.99 for the Kabuki—a beef sausage dress with red ginger, bonito flakes, cabbage, and katsu sauce. The Samurai (also $4.99) is chicken-apple sausage with oroshi (that’s grated daikon), wasabi mayo, and onions. The Matsuri, meanwhile, is kielbasa, wasabi mayo, onions, carrots, and seaweed. He also has a meatball sandwich hot dog and a pizza hot dog, those are both $4.99, too.

Vegetarians and hot-dog eschewers can substitute a tofurky weiner and pay $5.45 for their lunch.

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