Ferry Call: A Wine Weekend on Bainbridge

Next weekend, do the whole island thing with a wine buzz.

September 22, 2010

Behold, your designated driver.

There are seven wineries on Bainbridge Island, did you know this? There’s also a distillery called Bainbridge Island Distillery, but this isn’t about that. This is about wine, and how the weekend after next, October 1-3, the island is celebrating its wine with a series of events knows as Bainbridge Island Wine Weekend.

On Friday there’s a free concert and street party. The all you can eat oysters—Port Madison petites—are at Pegasus coffee house, and cost $50. These you slurp with melon de Bourgogne from Perennial Vintners. (Melon de bourgogne is the grape used to make muscadet, the classic oyster-pairing wine.)

Saturday is the day for a farmers market tour with a local chef and a roving restaurant graze. Sunday is the big general tasting day—it’s $35 for general admission. Get all the details here.

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