Cafe Lago leads free cooking classes starting October 4. Photo courtesy article for Bon Appetit, local scribe/pizza wunderkind Molly Wizenberg goes giddy for the meatballs at Cafe Lago. Over the course of seven years, she writes, she’s tried many meatballs, both at restaurants and from recipes, but “none could nail both taste and texture….I never found one that got it all right until I ordered the fettuccine and meatballs at Cafe Lago.” Makes you wonder what they’ve got going in that kitchen, no?

Find out next week when the Lago folks let diners backstage and teach them to cook like Lagos cook. As part of an ongoing twentieth anniversary celebration, chef and co-owner Jordi Viladas and several toques are leading four free classes. The focus, several of the Montlake restaurant’s favorite dishes.

Each session starts at 5pm and lasts one hour. Space is limited, so call 206-329-800 to secure a spot. Here’s what Viladas is making and when:

October 4: Eggplant and mint ravioli and Lago marinara.
October 5: Carbonara and putanesca sauces and pasta to go with both.
October 11: Butternut squash ravioli.
October 12: Bolognese sauce with fettuccine. Promised to “make you famous among your friends and family.”

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