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Cafe Lago’s $100 Take-Home Lasagne

The Montlake restaurant has been doing a 10-person takeout tray for years. Who knew?

By Jessica Voelker June 6, 2011

The lasagne in question.

Photo: Cafe Lago

If you order the much-loved lasagne—noodles surrounded by ricotta, bechamel, and tomato sauce—while dining at Cafe Lago in Montlake, it will run you $19.95. You can cut that price in half by ordering a takeout version, but the catch is that you need to gather nine friends to eat it with you. The restaurant offers a one-size-only lasagne to go; it comes in a 10×15×2 inch tray, serves ten people, and costs $100.

If you want to order one, call 48 hours in advance. Lago will even make it in the pan of your choosing—ideal for fakers trying to pass the casserole off as if it was their beloved nonna’s secret recipe—but it should go without saying that your container should be around the same size as the ones the restaurant uses.

Another thing you can take out from Lago: tiramisu. A 15-person portion costs $65 but you’ve got to order it five days in advance due to the complicated processes involved in preparing homemade mascarpone and lady fingers.

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