Here are some more details on last night's mayoral endorsement vote at the 46th District Democrats meeting where the North Seattle group ended up making a dual endorsement, going with state Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Capitol Hill) and former City Council member Peter Steinbrueck.

A candidate needed 60 percent for the sole endorsement. After the first round of voting, the score was:

1) Ed Murray: 26.44 percent

2) Peter Steinbrueck: 25.29 percent

3) Michael McGinn: 21.54 percent

4) Tim Burgess: 16.09 percent

5) Bruce Harrell:  6.89 percent

*There had been a a last-minute move to nominate Kate Martin, the Greenwood activist and longshot candidate, but the woman making the motion withdrew it when she realized Martin (who has filed some seriously nuanced questionnaires, by the way) had already left because her name wasn't initially put up for consideration.

If no one got to 60 percent, the rules dictated that the top vote getters whose numbers added up to 50 percent make it to the second round. That left Murray and Steinbrueck in a head-to-head to see if either could reach the magical 60.

Survey saaays:

Peter Steinbrueck: 57.69 percent
Ed Murray: 41.03 percent.

*There was one invalid ballot so the total did not add to 100 percent.

McGinn's voters reportedly moved to Steinbrueck (the theory being that they wanted to block Murray, who they consider a more formidable opponent, from getting the momentum of a sole endorsement).

Since neither candidate got 60 percent there were two options: A dual endorsement or "No" endorsement. Both Murray and Steinbrueck asked for the dual endorsement and that motion passed.



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