2013 Election

McGinn Kickoff Brings In "Just Under" $5,000

By Josh Feit March 12, 2012

Mayor Mike McGinn---reprising his inaugural-week celebrations, which included a concert at the Showbox SODO with some of the same performers---held his 2013 reelection campaign kickoff at the downtown Showbox on Friday night. The kickoff party, which featured Hey Marseilles, John Roderick, and "special surprise guest" Macklemore , was sparsely attended---heavy on McGinn staffers (the entire mayor's office appeared to be there) and light on the big-money donors you tend to see at major political events.

In lieu of big political spenders, McGinn's all-ages kickoff was attended by an unusual number of parents with small kids---most of whom left by around 9:00---and young folks who crowded into the bar (the only area where drinking was allowed), leaving the club's large floor area mostly vacant.

Speaking to that largely empty floor, McGinn said, "How can we stand here and say that we should not dream? We have to dream. We have to engage. We have to work."

By the end of the night, McGinn's campaign consultant John Wyble says, the campaign's take was "just under" $5,000. In comparison, former mayor Greg Nickels' 2009 campaign kickoff brought in between $20,000 and $25,000---potentially a bad sign for the unpopular incumbent. On the other hand: Nickels lost in the primary---and McGinn raised nearly $300,000, half of Nickels' nearly $600,000.
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