State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Seattle) is setting up an exploratory committee to run for mayor.

He will make the announcement at a press conference on Capitol Hill at 1:00 this afternoon.

Murray, who is gay, is best known for his work in the state legislature passing gay rights legislation, including this year's crowning achievement, the gay marriage bill that was just approved by voters statewide.

However, Murray, a policy wonk, has also headed up the house transportation committee, where he passed landmark gas taxes to upgrade the state's transportation infrastructure (which was also approved at the polls) and more recently, the senate ways and means committee, where he staved off a GOP attack on education and social services.

His senate colleagues made him majority leader last month heading into the new session.

We interviewed Sen. Murray yesterday about his bid for mayor, and we will post our Q&A shortly.

Seattle City Council member Tim Burgess announced last week that he's in.

A number of other candidates—including Seattle City Council member Bruce Harrell and former Seattle City Council member Peter Steinbrueck—are likely to jump in soon as well.

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