Rumors are already flying about the 2013 mayoral election, when Mayor Mike McGinn will almost certainly face at least one serious challenger.

State Sen. Ed Murray, who considered a write-in campaign for mayor last year, says that if McGinn continues to fumble as mayor, "I'll definitely take a look" at running in 2013. However, Murray says "three years is a long time in politics," and that it's "premature to start running against someone when he hasn't even been in office a year." Murray says he's "absolutely opposed" to McGinn's position on the deep-bore tunnel, and thinks McGinn is using the cost-overruns provision as a "political football" to kill the project.

However, Murray notes that he wrote a $65,000 check last night to the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee; "if you're running for mayor, you don't give your campaign dollars away." Murray says that although he's been approached to run, "I'm not actively meeting with people or soliciting their support."

Another frequently mentioned potential contender, city council member Tim Burgess, says he's currently raising money for his reelection next year, not for a run against McGinn. "I'm running for reelection, not for mayor," Burgess says.

King County Council member Larry Phillips, whose name has also been circulating as a potential McGinn opponent, told PubliCola, "Oh, god, no," when we asked him whether he was considering a run for mayor. "This has come up several times in the last couple of weeks, and there's no truth to it," Phillips says.

Another potential McGinn opponent, City Council president Richard Conlin, laughed about the rumors, saying, "I would not make a decision about that until at least the fall of 2012. I'm certainly not ruling anything out, but it's so far from my radar screen at this point." If he ran for mayor, Conlin would have to give up his council seat because both positions are up the same year.
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