A bit of inside baseball (that's why we're here): State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43) has spent the last several weeks putting together an impressive mayoral campaign team, including political consultant Christian Sinderman, who Murray recently signed on.

Sinderman is doing Murray's mail. Democratic ad man Dan Kully, who signed on last week, is doing Murray's TV. Andrew Thibault's EMC, on board since last month, is doing Murray's polling. And Murray's spokesman from the get go, Sandeep Kaushik, of Soundview Strategies, is Murray's general consultant.

Those of us in the press make a big deal out of Sinderman, probably more than we ought to, but he's considered the premier political operative in town. Adding Sinderman to his team is a score for Murray—and a bit of a blow to Murray's rival for top challenger against incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn, City Council member Tim Burgess.

When Sinderman showed up on Tim Burgess' campaign expenditures early on—which Erica promptly reported—it appeared that Burgess had landed Sinderman's services. Evidently that partnership didn't last.

Sinderman had worked for both Burgess and Murray without having to choose for years because the two politicians played in different sandboxes: city hall and Olympia, respecitvely. Make of it what you will, but Sinderman evidently chose Murray when the two candidates collided.

We have a call in to Sinderman.

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