Incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn held a press conference today at Oddfellows restaurant on Capitol Hill promoting a voluntary campaign, initiated in concert with gun control group Washington CeaseFire, asking businesses to place "Gun Free Zone" decals in their windows.

For today's "Isn't It Weird That ...", let's cue up McGinn's mayoral challenger, state Sen. Ed Murray, who pounced:

For three years, the most we saw from this mayor on gun violence was a highly misleading gun meltdown press conference. Now, a week after another tragic shooting, he proposes a well-intentioned but largely symbolic gesture that will do little to reduce gun violence on our streets. Again, this is a case where the mayor is reacting to headlines, rather than leading on an important issue.

 What we really need are effective gun control measures like universal criminal background checks. I am a strong supporter of Initiative 594, a proposed initiative to the legislature, which would close the gun show loophole and require background checks for online gun sales. ... If elected mayor, I will make approval of I-594, either legislatively or at the ballot box, a top priority of my administration.

IIW That...

Why is this weird?

Because the reason I-594 exists in the first place is because the state legislature failed to close the gun show loophole this year.

Isn't Murray's campaign trail boast that he's an expert at reaching across the aisle to find consensus and get things done?

Sen. Murray was the Democratic leader in the state senate this year when, even in the immediate aftermath of the Newtown shooting, he and his comrades in the Democratic house failed to get their background check bill to the floor.

Yeah, yeah, the Republicans were actually in control of the senate, but isn't Murray's campaign trail boast that he's expert at reaching across the aisle to find consensus and get things done?

This was the year to pass gun control. And it was the Democrats' biggest fail in Olympia this year. The loss is largely associated with the house (the Democrats are actually in control there), where there was a dramatic push for votes. But there was also a companion bill in the senate sponsored by Sen. Adam Kline (D-37, S. Seattle). Had leader Murray been able to bring along a few suburban Republicans (or socially liberal state Sen. Rodney Tom, D-48, Medina), the pressure would have mounted on the house.


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