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Burgess Jumps into Campaign Mode, Report Shows $1,000 Debt to Consultant Sinderman

Wasting no time, Tim Burgess jumps into campaign mode. THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED.

By Erica C. Barnett November 28, 2012

City Council member Tim Burgess, who announced his candidacy for mayor yesterday, is listing a $1,000 debt to local political consultant Christian Sinderman, who has worked for Burgess' council campaigns in the past, for political consulting services.

UPDATE: Sinderman says the $1,000 debt to his firm listed on Burgess' campaign documents was the result of a misunderstanding based on his previous work for Burgess and that he isn't making any firm commitments in the mayor's race until Jay Inslee completes his transition to governor. 

Sinderman made a point of staying out of the last mayoral election, in 2009, when the crowded field included T-Mobile executive Joe Mallahan, McGinn, and a frequent Sinderman client, then-mayor Greg Nickels. 

Sinderman has worked on a number of successful local campaigns, including those for potential McGinn rival Ed Murray, the Democratic state senate majority leader and city council member Bruce Harrell, another rumored candidate for mayor. 

Additionally, Burgess' filing papers reveal that longtime local campaign treasurer Phil Lloyd, who previously worked for McGinn, has ditched the mayor to work for Burgess. 

Burgess sent out his first fundraising letter today, asking people who supported him during his most recent council campaign to give as much as they can. 

"Whether we like it or not, the political pundits consider a candidate's fundraising a key measure of viability, so please give online today and help us continue the strong momentum we already have," the letter says. "The maximum contribution allowed by law is $700 per person or $1,400 per couple." 

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