Former city council member Peter Steinbrueck is (though not yet officially) running for mayor. 

Justin Simmons, the head of the Metropolitan Democratic Club, wrote a letter to Steinbrueck supporters today announcing that he will head up the Steinbrueck for Mayor campaign. 

"I wouldn't do that for just anybody," Simmons wrote. "Peter has been a friend for many years and I believe wholeheartedly in his vision, courage and talent as a leader. He will be the most progressive candidate in the race, the candidate with the most civic leadership experience, the only candidate with real urban planning expertise, and the candidate who I believe will generate the broadest base of support in the neighborhoods and in the social justice, environmental and labor communities.

That list includes people who previously supported Mayor Mike McGinn, including Tim Harris, Yusuf Cabdi, and Justin Simmons.

"We have already signed on an impressive number of leaders in these communities in and around Seattle, including Nick Licata, Tim Harris, Dorry Elias-Garcia, David Bloom, Kay Bullitt, John Fox, Yusuf Cabdi, Brita Butler-Wall, Paul Benz, Vivan Lee, Sarajane Siegfriedt, and many others."

That list includes a scattering of people who previously supported Mayor Mike McGinn, including Harris, Cabdi, and Simmons himself, but it's also a list of folks who have strongly opposed citybuilding efforts like transit-oriented development, car tabs for transit, and inner-city density.

Under city election law, candidates have five days after they begin to solicit donations and support to officially declare their candidacy. 

The "People for Peter Steinbrueck" Facebook page currently has 198 likes.

We have calls out to Steinbrueck and Simmons as well as some of the listed supporters and will update when we hear back from them. 

Thumbnail image via People for Peter Steinbrueck

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