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Tuesday Jolt: The Mayor's Race Heats Up

Tuesday Jolt, featuring the mayor's race.

By Afternoon Jolt September 10, 2013

Afternoon Jolt

No winner or loser today, just a pair of Jolts: Following up on yesterday's heated debate in Ballard, both mayoral candidates took shots at each other this afternoon—with Mayor Mike McGinn's campaign accusing his challenger, Ed Murray, of trying to avoid debating the mayor in the future, and Murray's camp accusing McGinn of "turning his back on Seattle's neighborhoods." 

First, citing this morning's Fizz, the McGinn campaign called B.S. on Murray's statement that the issue of how many debates the two campaigns hold is "bullshit," saying (in a press release poetically titled, "On Bullshit") that Murray's reluctance to participate in a Seattle Channel debate is a sign that the state senator is "avoiding a public discussion of his record and his (still absent) vision for Seattle." 

Image via Ed Murray for Seattle Facebook page.

"Murray has repeatedly claimed that he knows how to fight for worthy causes and work with people to get things done," the campaign press release says. "That's a pretty neat trick if you think that debates are 'bullshit.'"

Then, in an email titled, "The truth about Mayor McGinn's record of turning his back on Seattle's neighborhoods," the Murray camp fired back, accusing McGinn of cutting the city's Department of Neighborhoods, eliminating neighborhood service centers, and cutting the city's neighborhood matching funds. 

During the recession, McGinn's budget did include significant cuts to the neighborhoods department, the neighborhood matching fund, and neighborhood service centers. He also pushed to reduce or eliminate programs like the Immigrant and Refugee Outreach Program, the Seattle Youth Commission, and the historic preservation division.  

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