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Today's Winner:  Ed Murray

Jolt was looking over some of the mayoral candidates' endorsements and noticed a real "get" for City Council member Tim Burgess—former SPD chief-turned-super-liberal-cop-reformer Norm Stamper. (Stamper, who resigned after the 1999 WTO debacle, has since disavowed his own tactics and decisions during the protests, joined the boards of marijuana legalization groups NORML and LEAP, and has denounced American policing as "paramilitary bureaucracy.")


Why such a "get?" SPD reform is arguably the top issue in the mayor's race and the imprimatur of Stamper, who appeals to liberals, gives Burgess (who can be percieved as a law-and-order guy thanks to his ill-fated aggressive panhandling legislation) some reform cred.

We contacted Stamper to find out why he liked Burgess best; after all, Burgess was the chair of the public safety committee in the runup to the damning 2011 DOJ report.

We'll have more on Stamper's thoughts later, but one thing he told us certainly qualified as a Jolt given his appearance on Burgess' endorsement list.

Stamper, laughing, said:

I think I must have given Tim Burgess an endorsement before Ed Murray came along in this race. I like them both. I respect them both. I think either would be an excellent mayor. As it stands right now, if I did in fact endorse Burgess, it was very, very early on, and I could equally endorse Murray out of the candidates that are running.

What about incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn. He said simply: "I do have opinions about his response to the DOJ report, and to his general PD oversight, but without more knowledge and insight I think I'll just keep my mouth shut."

Today's (other) Winner: City Council member Mike O'Brien. 

Incumbent O'Brien, who's running for reelection, has been asking supporters to donate small amounts (his first $1,000 consisted of $10 contributions) and whose largest individual contribution as of the end of April was $200 (the limit is $700).

As we noted in Fizz yesterday, his challenger, engineering consultant Albert Shen, has been substantially outraising O'Brien so far, with a total of $71,732 (and $46,228 on hand) to O'Brien's $41,465 (and $22,406 on hand). In April overall, Shen raised $27,282 and O'Brien raised $11,092. 

However, at O'Brien's kickoff last night—where contributions were not limited to $10, and larger contributions were reportedly encouraged—the campaign raked in $7,300. That doesn't bring the incumbent within striking range of his top challenger (another challenger, StandUP America candidate Sam Bellomio, hasn't raised any money), but it could be an indication of his fundraising future.

During his first campaign in 2009, a six-way race, O'Brien raised a total of $151,692.

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