Candidate Cash Flow

A guide to who's getting and spending in the Seattle mayor's race.

June 14, 2013 Published in the July 2013 issue of Seattle Met


On Hand Raised Notable Expenditure Notable Donors
Mike McGinn $126,000 $227,000 $4,700 on polling from JKM Research $700 from Neumos owner Jason Lajeunesse
$250 from Low Income Housing Institute director Sharon Lee
$100 former Portland mayor Sam Adams 
Bruce Harrell  $100,000 $183,000 $240 for plaque to honor late city council member Richard McIver $700 from Seattle Medical Marijuana Association
$700 from King County Corrections Guild
$700 from developer Dan Duffus, who buildsmultistory buildings on small lots
Peter Steinbrueck  $48,000 $98,000 $108 parking
$367 mileage in April

$700 from All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten author Robert Fulghum
$700 from antistadium attorney Peter Goldman
$250 from aPodments opponent Bill Bradburd 

Charlie Staadecker  $77,000 $173,000 $8,500 on fundraising consultant Colby Underwood (roughly half of the $20,000 raised in April) $1,400 from developer Richard Hedreen and his wife, Betty
$700 from SSO conductor laureate Gerard Schwarz
Ed Murray $85,000 $224,000 $6,420 to New Partners Consulting, a DC campaign research firm Multiple maxed-out contributions from state lobbying groups and business interests, including $700 from Weyerhaeuser, Genentech, Comcast, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Kate Martin  $1,675 $2,946 $150 to Greenwood literacy group 826 Seattle $50 from West Seattle neighborhood and transportation activist Charles Redmond
Mary Martin  $0  $0    
Joey Gray  $3,300  $-3,700    
Doug McQuaid   $0  $0    

Source: Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission, as of May 10, 2013.


Published: July 2013

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