On Hand Raised Notable Expenditure Notable Donors
Mike McGinn $126,000 $227,000 $4,700 on polling from JKM Research $700 from Neumos owner Jason Lajeunesse
$250 from Low Income Housing Institute director Sharon Lee
$100 former Portland mayor Sam Adams 
Bruce Harrell  $100,000 $183,000 $240 for plaque to honor late city council member Richard McIver $700 from Seattle Medical Marijuana Association
$700 from King County Corrections Guild
$700 from developer Dan Duffus, who buildsmultistory buildings on small lots
Peter Steinbrueck  $48,000 $98,000 $108 parking
$367 mileage in April

$700 from All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten author Robert Fulghum
$700 from antistadium attorney Peter Goldman
$250 from aPodments opponent Bill Bradburd 

Charlie Staadecker  $77,000 $173,000 $8,500 on fundraising consultant Colby Underwood (roughly half of the $20,000 raised in April) $1,400 from developer Richard Hedreen and his wife, Betty
$700 from SSO conductor laureate Gerard Schwarz
Ed Murray $85,000 $224,000 $6,420 to New Partners Consulting, a DC campaign research firm Multiple maxed-out contributions from state lobbying groups and business interests, including $700 from Weyerhaeuser, Genentech, Comcast, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Kate Martin  $1,675 $2,946 $150 to Greenwood literacy group 826 Seattle $50 from West Seattle neighborhood and transportation activist Charles Redmond
Mary Martin  $0  $0    
Joey Gray  $3,300  $-3,700    
Doug McQuaid   $0  $0    

Source: Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission, as of May 10, 2013.


Published: July 2013