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Thursday Jolt: The Latest Campaign Finance Numbers

The day's winners and losers.

By Afternoon Jolt June 6, 2013


Afternoon Jolt

Today's winner: District elections. Faye Garneau, the North Seattle businesswoman who heads the Aurora Avenue Merchants Association, contributed another $10,000 to the campaign to convert Seattle's existing at-large city council into a system based on geographical districts, bringing her total contribution, in donations and ostensible "loans," to nearly $158,000.

Garneau, as we've reported, says she expects the districts campaign to pay her back, but as of the end of April, the last month complete contribution and expenditure reports were filed, the campaign was more than $120,000 in the red because of the expense of paying people to gather signatures. 

The campaign is reportedly planning to submit nearly 50,000 signatures to the city clerk's office within the next week. 

Today's loser: Former city council member Peter Steinbrueck.
Steinbrueck, who's running for mayor, has reported his campaign contributions for the last week of April (his fellow mayoral contenders Ed Murray, Buce Harrell, and incumnemt Mike McGinn filed their own reports earlier this week, and full reports for May, including both contributions and expenditures, are due to the city on June 10).
Steinbrueck's total haul: Just under $15,000 in May's final week, considerably less than his competitors Bruce Harrell (who brought in $56,510, including $5,000 of his own money) and incumbent Mike McGinn (who raised $41,986 in the last week of May). 
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