Morning Fizz

Week-in-Review Likes and Dislikes

How I really feel about this week's headlines

07/25/2014 By Richard Conlin

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Messy Fallout

Caffeinated news and gossip featuring "wow," and "um", a going away party, a final interview (?), and ridesharing.

12/19/2013 By Morning Fizz

City Hall

Monday Mush

A happy couple, and a sad goodbye, in Seattle City Council chambers.

12/16/2013 By Erica C. Barnett

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Special (Treatment) Session

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring: McGinn, Murray, Conlin, Sawant, Pedersen, and Boeing.

11/07/2013 By Morning Fizz

Election 2013

Sawant Claims "Blow" To Conlin Campaign After Labor Vote

Socialist challenger Sawant touts a favorable vote by labor; incumbent Conlin's campaign accuses her of falsely implying a labor endorsement.

10/30/2013 By Erica C. Barnett

City Hall

Sawant, Conlin Duke it Out at SCCC

City council incumbent Richard Conlin and his socialist challenger, Kshama Sawant, debate at Seattle Central Community College.

10/17/2013 By Erica C. Barnett

Seattle Mayor's Race 2013

Eight Questions for Tonight's Candidate and Transporation Forums

Eight questions for the mayoral candidates, Richard Conlin and his socialist opponent, and Republican senate transportation leaders.

09/17/2013 By Erica C. Barnett

Afternoon Jolt

Tuesday Jolt: Conlin and McGinn

The day's winners and losers.

09/03/2013 By Afternoon Jolt

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Overwhelmingly by Voice Vote Last Night

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring defiant teachers, open letters, electoral maps, and a couple of donations.

08/27/2013 By Morning Fizz

Extra Fizz

Extra Fizz: Conlin Hit by Car While Biking; McGinn Impressive on Basketball Court

Conlin breaks shoulder after car hits him in Madrona; McGinn hits teammate with no-look bounce pass after getting schooled by Tyreke Evans.

07/29/2013 By Josh Feit and Erica C. Barnett

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Wonkiness Aside

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring Mike McGinn, Ed Murray, regionalism, and new age transit.

05/22/2013 By Morning Fizz

Afternoon Jolt

Thursday Jolt: Council Edition

The day's winners and losers.

02/28/2013 By Afternoon Jolt

On Other Blogs Today

On Other Blogs Today: Boeing Woes and Senate Foes

Our daily roundup.

01/18/2013 By Erica C. Barnett

City Hall

Council Approves Sonics Arena; Licata and Conlin Vote No, Port Raises Concerns

The city council passes arena legislation; the Port (and two council members) dissent.

09/24/2012 By Erica C. Barnett

City Hall

Council Will Vote on Anti-Density Legislation at 2:00

The city council will vote today on legislation that would close an exemption that allows tall, skinny houses on certain "substandard" plots in single-family neighborhoods.

09/10/2012 By Erica C. Barnett

City Hall

City Could Prohibit Some Small-Lot Development

The city council considers emergency legislation to stop developers from subdividing lots under an obscure exemption to land-use rules.

09/05/2012 By Erica C. Barnett

On Other Blogs

On Other Blogs Today: Koster, McKenna, Conlin, and More

Your daily roundup.

08/10/2012 By Erica C. Barnett

2012 Election

Library Levy Passes; King County Juvenile Jail Levy Results Look Promising

Election results: Local levy edition.

08/07/2012 By Erica C. Barnett

This Washington

Governor's B&O Tax Proposal Stumbles

A proposal to streamline collection of city business and occupation taxes stumbles in a senate committee.

02/07/2012 By Erica C. Barnett