Steinbrueck Update

By Josh Feit March 9, 2009

Last week, I interviewed Susanna Williams, the woman who started the Facebooks page urging Peter Steinbrueck to run for mayor. 

At that point, Williams hadn't heard from Steinbrueck about her campaign to draft him. (And the group only had about 180 members. Now it's got 400—which, Geez Louise, is a lot more members than the PubliCola Facebooks group* has.)

Over at Slog today, Erica C. Barnett has the news that Steinbrueck sent Williams this note: 

Hi Susanna, I'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of people interested in new leadership in the mayor's office! Well, it's gotten me thinking... political leadership should always be about change. I am in a listening mode, and I would like to ask ask a simple question of those who are urging me to run. That is:

Besides a new mayor, what three things, "For the Love of Seattle" would people like to see changed?


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