Hidden Gems

Basements and Balconies for a Hot Seattle Summer

Escape the heat in the coolish underground, or revel in the breeze from an upstairs deck.

07/26/2013 By Rachel Breiwick

Happy Hour

This Week in Happy Hour: Pickle Edition

In which we learn that pickle brine may or may not be a preemptive cure for hangovers.

07/25/2013 By Cassie Sawyer

Joint Ventures

Woodinville Whiskey and the Hollywood Tavern Join Forces

One of the state's best-known distilleries is setting up shop at the historic roadside tavern.

07/24/2013 By Allecia Vermillion


Now Open in Belltown: Some Random Bar

That's the name, guys.

07/23/2013 By Allecia Vermillion


A Farewell to Sauced

Our booze blog fades to black. But its spirit isn't going away.

07/23/2013 By James Ross Gardner

Awards & Accolades

Canon Takes a Major Honor at Tales of the Cocktail

The bottle-filled bar beats out three New York watering holes for World's Best Drink Selection.

07/22/2013 By Allecia Vermillion

Changing of the Guard

5 Reasons to Get Excited About RGB Market

It's a soda fountain! It's a bar! It's both...and it opens Saturday.

07/17/2013 By Allecia Vermillion

Oeno Files

Sean Sullivan's Wine of the Week: Dowsett Family Gewürztraminer

A difficult to pronounce grape variety with an unforgettable mnemonic

07/17/2013 By Sean P. Sullivan

Oeno Files

Sir-Mix-A-Lot Will Judge the Iron Vintner Challenge

Who knew? The "Baby Got Back" rapper apparently gets sprung on food and wine pairings.

06/18/2013 By Julie H. Case

Imbibing Agenda

The Week in Drinking: Apr 23-29

Beer, wine, and spirits events around town.

04/23/2013 By Seattle Met Staff


Mezcal in Seattle

The smoky spirit has some ardent fans in Seattle. Two of them explain the magic.

04/17/2013 By Allecia Vermillion

Imbibing Agenda

The Week in Drinking: April 16–22

Beer, wine, and spirits events around town.

04/16/2013 By Seattle Met Staff

Drinking with Dad

Fireball: A Shot For All the Ages (Well, All Ages 21 and Up)

Feel the burn. The cinnamon whiskey appeals to a wide range of bar-goers, from industry types to your dad.

04/11/2013 By Cassie Sawyer

Imbibing Agenda

The Week in Drinking: April 9-15

Special beer, wine, and spirits events around town.

04/09/2013 By Seattle Met Staff

Imbibing Agenda

The Week in Drinking: April 2–8

Special beer, wine, and spirits-focused events around town.

04/02/2013 By Seattle Met Staff

Drinking Culture

The Psychology of a Shot and a Beer

Beer back. Boilermaker. Whatever you call it, it's what people want to drink after work.

03/28/2013 By Allecia Vermillion

Oeno Files

Where to Find Liquid Sunshine on Memorial Day

Revelry hits Red Mountain on May 26.

05/18/2012 By Julie H. Case

Libation Liberation

Repeal Day 2011: Where to Celebrate

Monday is all about pinstripes, punch bowls, and the end of Prohibition.

11/29/2011 By Allecia Vermillion

Day Drinking

Vito’s Revives the Two-Martini Lunch

Lunch is served on first fridays only…ideally with a drink in hand.

11/28/2011 By Allecia Vermillion

Drinking Culture

Brad Thomas Parsons on His Book Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All

The former Seattleite’s book drops November 1.

10/31/2011 By Seattle Met Staff