This is how Montana Bar does a Pickle Back shot. Photo via Facebook.

I went camping a few weeks ago with a group of friends from college. We had the normal gear paired with an unholy amount of booze. My buddy, Jermaine, assured us that he hadn’t forgotten the pickles. I said, "Great, I love pickles," just a little bit perplexed. He said, "Yeah, but it’s the juice you want. It stops the hangover before it starts." He took a big swig from the jar.

I had a sip of the neon green juice at the campsite, but still felt a little worse for wear in the morning. But Jermaine woke up bright-eyed after a long night of drinking beer and pickle juice by the fire. Maybe he’s onto something?

There's ream of hangover cure blog posts—but not much scientific evidence—claiming that the pickle brine method is somewhat legit. Drinking the brine has also been known as a folk remedy for muscle cramps. At these happy hours, you can test out that theory for yourself by eating and drinking some pickled goodness. 

Have your pickle brine and your booze at the same time with a pickle back shot on happy hour for $4. That's exactly what it sounds like: a shot of whiskey to be chased with a shot of pickle juice. The brine is made in-house; it's zesty with a little kick of heat. Happy hour is everyday from 4 to 7 and you’ll also find $6 Moscow Mules, $3 wells, and $2 Rainiers.

Monday through Saturday from 4 to 7pm this vegan bar offers its fried pickle chip appetizer for $5, along with poutine (vegan gravy and cheez curds) and sweet potato tots. The bar has more than 10 house-infused boozes—habanero tequila, cucumber mint gin, and strawberry-kiwi vodka—and at happy hour the tinctures are a dollar off.

Billy Beach Sushi Bar
There is so much pickled ginger going on at this spot. Especially with an all-day Sunday and everyday lunch happy hour (or Beach hour, as the restaurant calls it) and weekly evening hours. So pair that classic ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce combo with spicy tuna rolls, fried oysters, or a Ballard crunch roll, all for around and under $6. Drinks specials are on the HH marathon too, with $3 sake and Sapporo for $4.

The Blue Glass
This Ballard restaurant and bar loves to throw things in brine. Like eggs for example. And Monday through Friday from 4:30pm to 6pm those pinkish pickled eggs are a $1.50 a piece. A selection of pickled veggies, chicken wings, a mole pork taco, and polenta squares are a few of the other choices under $6. Draft beer for $1 off, two wines on tap for $5, and a few cocktail choices round out the menu.

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