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Canon Takes a Major Honor at Tales of the Cocktail

The bottle-filled bar beats out three New York watering holes for World's Best Drink Selection.

By Allecia Vermillion July 22, 2013

I bet Jamie Boudreau is pretty tired of us using this photo.

Over the weekend, Canon received the honors for World’s Best Drink Selection at the Spirited Awards, part of Tales of the Cocktail, the major booze-drenched industry gathering for bar folk that happens each summer in New Orleans. Remember the uproar surrounding Murray Stenson winning Best Bartender in America a few years back? Same event.

Canon’s award is both amazing, since it was up against three powerhouse New York establishments, but also not surprising at all if you’ve ever witnessed owner Jamie Boudreau’s obsession with building his spirits collection, or the general talents of his staff. I was in Canon last week and surprised to see Boudreau at work, since most of his cohorts were busy living it up in New Orleans. He said he had too much going on at the bar to get out of town (plus those travel costs could be spent instead on additional bottles for the bar). Tan Vinh says the illustrious Andrew Bohrer accepted the award on his behalf; here’s Tan’s report from the trenches of Tales this weekend.

In short: Another great honor for Seattle’s bar culture, and for many of us the Twitter buzz was a nice break from all the royal dilation speculation.


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