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Repeal Day 2011: Where to Celebrate

Monday is all about pinstripes, punch bowls, and the end of Prohibition.

By Allecia Vermillion November 29, 2011

Celebrate the anniversary of Prohibition’s repeal on Monday. Canon might actually be this crowded.

There are lame pseudo-holidays, like Sweetest Day. And then there are fantastic ones, like Repeal Day. December 5 marks the anniversary of Prohibition’s official demise, when the ratification of the 21st Amendment let America bid farewell to the days of underground hooch and non-ironic speakeasies. It’s a day that ushered liquor back into legality, accompanied by no small amount of indulging.

And every year a few Seattle bars celebrate this historical turning point all over again.

Vessel was historically a go-to for Repeal Day imbibement. But since the bar is still counting down to its new downtown location, owner Jim Romdall is joining forces with Jamie Boudreau over at Canon. Plans are still being finalized, but Romdall will do a special menu of past and future Vessel cocktails, and Boudreau promises happy hour food all night long, 20 percent off punch, and most likely some deep discounts on a special bottle of whiskey.

At Knee High Stocking Co., a bar that managed to pull off the Prohibition vibe without it feeling cheesy, you’ll still have to pass muster at the door, speakeasy style. But once you’re inside, Repeal Day festivities include punch, drink specials, and a few cocktails from the new winter lineup. BUT…you must be sporting period-correct attire.

Any other Repeal Day events in the works? Let’s hear ’em.

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