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Which Seattle Private Schools Are Highest Ranked for 2023?

In a city where many families bypass public education, the hierarchy of these institutions matters a little more.

By Seattle Met Staff October 12, 2022

Lakeside School students sit in a circle.

Lakeside School is at the top of the class.

Private schools are a bigger deal in Seattle than in most major American cities. Only San Francisco and Milwaukee enroll a larger share of their K-12 students in these pricey institutions. And one of the region's economic engines was born from a couple brainiacs who used to hack their class schedules at a ballyhooed campus in North Seattle.

Lakeside School can still brag about its alums all these years later. The alma mater of Microsoft founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates is the state's top-ranked private high school for 2023, according to Niche's list. The Overlake School in Redmond and Eastside Preparatory School in Kirkland took second and third, respectively. University Prep and Seattle Academy, both in Seattle, rounded out the top five.

While all five schools nabbed "A+" grades on Niche, only two cracked the national top 50: Lakeside at No. 41 and Overlake at No. 50. Apparently they're no Phillips or Harvard-Westlake, the country's best of the best, per Niche.

Rankings, of course, are far from a perfect measure of a school. Niche factors college admissions data, test scores, racial and economic diversity, student-teacher ratios, and user input into its list of private high schools. (Its public school rankings, which Tesla STEM aced once again, follow a similar methodology.)

But as many private school parents and students in this city can attest, the reputations of these institutions matter a little more around here.

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