Editor in Chief

James Ross Gardner was appointed editor in chief of Seattle Met in May 2014 after eight years as a writer senior editor at the magazine. In addition to hiring and managing staff and shaping the voice, tone, and editorial direction of the magazine and website, he also assigns and edits all longform features.

While at Seattle Met his writing has won 14 first place awards from the regional chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and has been a finalist for four national City and Regional Magazine Association awards, winning first place in 2014 for his essay exploring health anxiety in the age of Google. In 2015, under his direction, Seattle Met won the CRMA award for General Excellence in its circulation category.

Before moving to Seattle in 2006, James was the editor in chief of Salt Lake magazine. His writing has also appeared in Esquire, GQ, Talking Points Memo, and Washingtonian magazine. He lives in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Napoleon Dynamite

Nazis Stole Our Art

Add to the litany of white nationalism’s idiocy its adherents’ lack of humor.

09/20/2017 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

Check, Please. No Really, the Check. Please?

The one foul committed by an otherwise outstanding dining scene.

08/18/2017 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

Spoiler Alert

You don’t always have to wait till the end.

07/20/2017 By James Ross Gardner

Street View

Could the Solution to Homelessness Be Geodesic?

Dome sweet dome.

07/14/2017 By James Ross Gardner


Could a Single-Payer Plan in Washington Soon Come to Pass?

As fights over national health care simmer in DC, one local state senator is pushing for a radical old idea: insuring every Washingtonian.

07/13/2017 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

Summer of Totality

Here comes the sun—and the eclipse.

06/12/2017 By James Ross Gardner


Demise of the Seattle Traffic Jam?

Earlier this year, the Seattle Department of Transportation will introduced SCOOT, software designed to ease traffic tensions. Will it deliver us from gridlock?

06/12/2017 By James Ross Gardner


The Secret Life of Urban Crows

…and why Seattle may be the Corvid Capital of the World.

05/17/2017 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

Cabin Party

Today’s posh vacation rentals are a long way from Seattle’s first cabin.

05/15/2017 By James Ross Gardner

Banned in the USA

We The People: Meet Six Immigrants from the Six Countries on Trump's Travel Ban List

Some have been here for decades, others for just a few weeks. All felt the impact of the executive order acutely.

04/17/2017 By James Ross Gardner, Rianna Hidalgo, Hayat Norimine, and Allison Williams Photography by Brandon Hill

Editor's Note

What’s It Like to See Seattle for the First Time?

Our May 2017 issue cover offers the perfect vantage point.

04/17/2017 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

Family Matters

Our April issue is about family in more ways than one.

03/20/2017 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

Billionaire vs. Billionaire

Gates versus Bezos: Seattleites trust one more than the other.

02/20/2017 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

How to Read This Issue

And how we, as a city, can take action.

01/23/2017 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

Our Man in Hawaii

Our 44th president’s biography is but one of the many connections to be drawn between Seattle and Hawaii.

12/20/2016 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

In Plain Sight: Revealing Our Favorite Hidden Seattle Spots

We approached this month’s cover story a little differently.

11/16/2016 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

Is Seattle the Greatest Food City in America?

“The 100 Best Restaurants” is Seattle Met’s most ambitious measure of the city’s food scene we’ve ever published.

10/12/2016 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

Return to the Double R

Rediscovering Twin Peaks in North Bend.

09/15/2016 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

Life, Possible

The joy of coffee lies in the anticipation.

08/23/2016 By James Ross Gardner

Editor's Note

The Coast Is Not Clear

Our beaches are more mysterious than most.

07/19/2016 By James Ross Gardner