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9 Dang-Good Doughnuts Around Seattle

Right this way to glossy-glazed and freshly fried goods...

By Rosin Saez Photography by Lauren Kelly March 20, 2017

General Porpoise

Smitten by the fried dough at St. John in London, Renee Erickson’s Capitol Hill cafe has created custard and cream-filled doughnuts in its image. The lemon curd is an especially bright and citrusy reminder that fried things can be wonderfully light and airy. 

Fuji Bakery

This Japanese bakery slings matcha macarons and savory curry buns, but the sugar coated hero is the Crunchy Cream: filled with vanilla custard and covered in cereal cornflakes—the real breakfast of champions. 

Rodeo Donut

Inside Cupcake Royale, beyond its usual repertoire of baked goods and ice cream, find brioche-based doughnuts, upon which rich glazes cascade: the likes of blackberry balsamic, ghost pepper passion fruit, and dark chocolate topped with chocolate covered crispy “caviar” among them. 

Mighty-O Donuts

Mighty is the butter knife that slices through Mighty-O’s rotund doughnuts, made with organic and vegan friendly ingredients. Chocolate and vanilla cake doughnuts are met with such icings as chocolate or bright-fushcia raspberry, while yeast-raised goods are tossed in cinnamon or rolled in coconut flakes. 

Top Pot Doughnuts

Forging fresh doughnuts since 2002, this local chainlet keeps it classic with old-fashioned cake and rainbow jimmie–covered rings, but the pink-glazed feather boa with wisps of shredded coconut on top is a signature staple.


With a fairly recent culinary makeover, the previous denser cake style doughnuts made way for flavored yeasted dough, like sweet potato and chocolate. The latter’s iced with Frost’s Aztec frosting, spiced with cayenne and cinnamon for a pinch of heat, and finished with chocolate shavings. 

Dona Queen Donuts and Deli

Down in SoDo, among industrial warehouses and fast food chains, is this unassuming storefront that serves spicy pork bulgogi alongside apple- or lemon- or blueberry-filled doughnuts; a harmonious, if proletarian, combo. 

Aurora Donuts  

In a former life 15 years ago, it was a Dunkin’ Donuts, hence the familiar looking signage with a pink, sprinkle-adorned doughnut. But today, this bakeshop situated in the northern reaches of the city, fries its own doughy creations: honey-glazed doughnut holes, chocolate topped with chopped peanut, even a pleasantly crunchy, plain old-fashioned. 

Ba Bar 

With a new South Lake Union outpost comes the addition of doughnuts to its pastry case. Fluffy doughnuts here are filled with a vanilla bean custard, or a “hot chocolate” cream, and the occasional flavor dedicated to the season like its take on pumpkin pie.                                  

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