An Oral History of ‘Almost Live’

From Bill Nye the Science Guy to the day the Space Needle collapsed, we recall 15 years of trials and triumphs on the set of Seattle’s Saturday Night Live.

05/17/2013 By Matthew Halverson, James Ross Gardner, Laura Dannen, and Cassie Callan

TV Timeout

Before 'The Office' Ends, One Last Dwight Schrute Montage

In honor of our native son Rainn Wilson.

05/14/2013 By Laura Dannen

TV Timeout

Watch the Trailer for the New Season of 'The Killing'

Peter. F'n. Sarsgaaaaard.

05/08/2013 By Laura Dannen


Why Seattle Loves Amanda Knox

Last night on ABC’s Nightline, the world learned what we’ve known all along.

05/01/2013 By James Ross Gardner

Points of Reference

The Secret Ingredients of 'Bob's Burgers'

The creator of the Fox animated series tells us how Disney, Monty Python, and Gordon Ramsay helped shape his hit show.

04/29/2013 By Seth Sommerfeld


Amanda Knox's TV Interview Airs April 30

The West Seattle native—convicted, acquitted, and retried in an Italian murder case—speaks out.

04/25/2013 By Seattle Met Staff

Seattle Scene

Recap: 'Game of Thrones' Premiere at Cinerama

From the red carpet to Lannister fist bumps.

03/22/2013 By Laura Dannen


'Game of Thrones' Cast at Seattle Cinerama

Jon Snow! Jaime Lannister! Arya and Sansa Stark! Stars of the HBO series turn out for the season 3 advanced screening.


Winter Is Coming

'Game of Thrones' Giveaway

Want to see season 3 before anyone else? And watch it with cast members? We thought you might.

03/13/2013 Videography by Seattle Met Staff

Reality TV Timeout

Jinkx Monsoon Wins Challenge on 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

With a spot-on Little Edie Bouvier Beale impersonation.

03/01/2013 By Laura Dannen


My TV Friends

When it comes to meaningful relationships, there’s nothing like a good television recap.

02/20/2013 By Kathryn Robinson

TV Timeout

'The Killing' Casts Peter Sarsgaard for Season 3

There may be hope for this show yet.

02/14/2013 By Laura Dannen

Screen Meets Stage

Five 'South Park' Episodes We See in 'Book of Mormon'

A verbal venn diagram of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s TV show and Broadway hit.

01/17/2013 By Seth Sommerfeld


Almost Live Is Back (Sort Of) with The (206)

John Keister and Pat Cashman skewer regional stereotypes in their new late-night sketch-comedy show.

01/10/2013 By Laura Dannen

TV Timeout

Kyle MacLachlan Talks 'Portlandia,' Working in a Yakima Sawmill with Esquire

Esquire: "It seems like a very stereotypically Northwestern activity."

01/04/2013 By Laura Dannen

TV Timeout

Watch Two Seasons of 'Downton Abbey' in 5 Minutes

The Turk! Bates! Melodrama!

12/07/2012 By Laura Dannen


Louis C. K. at the Paramount

We’re in the presence of a comedy master. And middle-age malaise.

11/28/2012 By Laura Dannen

Friday Randomness

I Can Has Cheezburger Gets Its Own Bravo Reality Show

It's like The Office but in Seattle. And with more cats.

11/02/2012 By Laura Dannen