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'The Killing' Episode 6: The Bad Shepherd

Holder drops some science. And a new lead sends the detectives to church.

By James Ross Gardner July 1, 2013

Quote of the night: "We've been going all Copernicus when we need to be Galileo up on this bitch. You feel me?" —Detective Stephen Holder on why he and Linden should be looking at the case from the point of view of the killer rather than that of the victims

Most unrealistic Seattle thing: A photoshopped Space Needle hovers in what is clearly the Vancouver, BC, skyline as Danette and Bullet bond on the—obvious—Vancouver waterfront.

Current suspect: Via a conversation with sole Pied Piper survivor Angie Gower, Holder and Linden learn that the killer (maybe) enjoys looking at his victims in a rearview mirror so they can only see his eyes, just like—inexplicably, really—a religious figure to whom one confesses. Or as Linden puts it, "He's the shepherd, they're his flock." So when the detectives are at Christian-run teen shelter Beacon Home and see photos of teens on Pastor Mike’s office wall, it’s like bingo! The killer is totally Pastor Mike! But this is undoubtedly a herring redder than Lieutenant Skinner’s face will be when he learns that his two bumbling detectives have wasted precious time following yet another stupid lead.

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The Killing airs Sundays at 9 on AMC.


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