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'The Killing' Episode 9: Inside Men

The taxi driver gets caught. The detectives find Bullet. And Riddick gets a beating.

By James Ross Gardner July 22, 2013

Linden puts an item from The Killing's collection of antique cell phones to good use.

Quote of the night: "So how long is it going to take for Dr. Spock to do his mindmeld thing before we can see Picasso?" —Detective Stephen Holder, regarding when he and Linden can question Ray Seward's son Adrian, mixing at least two metaphors and three pop culture references.

Least realistic Seattle thing: Holder and Linden fret over the fact that suspect Joe Mills might be bound for the Canadian border and has a two-hour head start. Have these people ever sat in line at the Canadian border on a weekday morning? No one is heading anywhere fast.

Current suspect: Man, what a heavy episode. Bullet found dead in a trunk. Taxi driver/pornographer Joe Mills caught with a collection of trophies: the victims’ rings (and Bullet’s bullet). But we know the perp can’t be Joe Mills, right? He’s too obvious. Which brings me back to last week’s idea: The killer could be someone inside the investigation. Detective Riddick would seem to be a likely candidate, since he “found” the rings among Mills’s property, didn’t tell Holder about Bullet’s phone calls, and had a bandage of some sort on the top of his right hand (did you see that?), observable when Holder pummeled him at the end of the episode. But then is Riddick also too obvious? I said this last week, but as we near the end of the season—and thus the moment of truth—how much should be looking at Lieutenant Skinner?

The Killing airs Sundays at 9 on AMC.



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