Detective Linden: Her body is her temple.

Quote of the night: "Yeah, well you ain't exactly Houdini with them smokes, Linden." —Detective Stephen Holder in response to Linden admitting that her estranged teen son knows she smokes cigarettes. 

Least realistic Seattle thing: Pastor Mike can afford a nice, two-story craftsman in what looks like Ballard or Leschi. 

Current suspect: Holder and Linden continue to like Pastor Mike as the killer. And while it's way too early in the season to have the true perp figured out, the evidence against the pastor (or "PM," as Bullet calls him) is compelling: lies about who shows up at Beacon Home and when; lies about where his car is; lies about his very identity. Add to that the fact that he's apparently taken Linden hostage at knife point—how can he not be our top suspect? But The Killing has shown that it can throw good evidence our way, only to later reveal that suspect numero uno is instead either actually a victim or a bit player caught up in someone else's vengeance fantasy. And was that really even Pastor Mike in Linden's back seat with the knife? I couldn't tell. Seems just as likely that it could be Cody, Linden's scorned beau/ferry dock intern. 

The Killing airs Sundays at 9 on AMC.


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