Mark your calendar

Scotchy-Scotch Tasting on May 18th

Color, Nose, Body, Palate, and Finish at the Bookstore Bar


Best Chef in the Northwest

Ave Maria!

Tilth Owner Maria Hines Takes James Beard Award

05/05/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Booze News

Lost Lady Closes!

The downtown tequila bar shuts down after a month and a half. That must be some kind of record.



2007 Best New Restaurants

The best restaurants to open in 2007.

05/04/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Dept. of Sad

Cremant Really Closed

But what’s the story?

05/03/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


Cinco de Mayo Drinking Guide

No, it’s not the Mexican Fourth of July. Yes, you can still use it as an excuse to party on a Tuesday.


New Life at a Vintage Hotel

Hunt Club Names New Chef

Grilled cheese, anyone?

05/01/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Happy Hours

Happy Hour of the Week: The Sitting Room

Drink and snack among the theater types of Lower Queen Anne.


Booze News

Tomorrow: Guinness releases its 250th anniversary stout

Look for it on tap at Wilde Rover



Dining Out for Life

Remember that other epidemic?

04/30/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Lists and Such

Top Twenty Microbreweries in America? I beg to differ.

Of all the amazing local micros that Matador missed, who do you think should have made the list?


Dept. of Wakes

Cremant Closing?

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we…?

04/29/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Behind the bar

Five Questions for the Bartender: David Nelson

Spur’s tender-aged bar genius waxes philosophical about fortified wines and good hygene.



What We Talk About When We Talk About Food

Six local food writers, much to chew on

04/28/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Best Bars Feature

Have You Taken the Linda’s Quiz?

Do it! And tell me your score!


Good to know

Notes from the Bar

An underhyped Belltown happy hour, a delightful seasonal back on tap, the best potato croquettes in the world.


Where am I supposed to get my chocolate ganache cake now?

Sweet Subtraction

Issaquah’s favorite dessert shop goes toes-up

04/27/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

DIY Cocktails

Make This Drink: Crush’s Counterbalance

Cucumber Dry soda, gin—it’s pretty much spring in a glass.


Yum of the Week

Afrikando Afrikando

A splash of Senegal in Hillman City

04/24/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Events and Openings

The Weekend Buzz

Two new bars, a snuggie bar crawl, a cocktail competition…Get ready liver, it’s gonna be a big one.