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Capitol Hill’s first "true" sports bar set to open mid-March.

February 12, 2010

Owner Laura Olson (seen here at Po Dog) says the bar will have 16 televisions and “two or three” shuffleboard tables.

I first read about Auto Battery on the Capitol Hill Seattle blog. The new East Union sports bar is next door to—and brought to us by the owner of—Po Dog haute hot dog emporium.

But I know of some sports fans who dwell incongruously among the hill’s many tapas boites and yoga studios, and who are rather desperate for some more information on Auto Battery. So I called up Po Dog’s Laura Olson and inquired as to what the deal was. She said Auto Battery is set to open in mid-March, but a lot of decisions have yet to be made.

For instance, Olson knows there will be a happy hour with food and drink specials, but doesn’t yet know the HH hours. She knows the menu will have hot dogs, natch, but there will be other food items too—she’s just not sure what those will be.

She did say that there will be 16 televisions and two or three shuffleboard tables. As reported on CHS, the bar will open each morning at 6am as a coffee shop, offering customers pastries, free Wi-Fi, and news on the many tellies. If you’re wondering what sort of coffee Auto Battery will serve, sorry. Olson doesn’t know yet.

Why a sports bar? Because, says Olson, Capitol Hill doesn’t really have a “true” sports bar. Why Auto Battery? Because the building where you’ll find it used to house an auto battery shop.

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