Non-wine people who date wine drinkers are kind of in for it on Valentine’s Day. The expectation is that you go above and beyond, the reality is that you have no idea what you are doing.

I’m going to offer three ways that you can get the job done well this year. The best part is that all of them can be accomplished this Saturday, February 13—the day before V-Day.

We’ll deal with your procrastination issues later.

If your significant other is only mildly into champagne, impress with the value-driven Mountain Dome NV Brut (the one with the gnomes on the label that looks like the official wine of Magic: the Game). It is well worth the $12-$14 at which it retails and easily purchasable at Metropolitan and Madison Markets.

If you need to seriously impress, drop $105 for the focused and lively NV Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose, a standard-setting champagne always in stock at McCarthy and Schiering.

Speaking of McCarthy and Schiering, winemaker Chris Camarda will be pouring the 2007 Andrew Will red wines at the Ravenna shop from 11:30-2pm on Saturday, and at the Queen Anne location from 2:30-5pm. Pick the bottle you like best and offer it up. There is no going wrong with Andrew Will, in my humble opinion, and the personal touch that comes with being able to say “this was my favorite” shows you’re not just going through the motions. This is important.

If you know nothing about sparkling wine and want to know more, you can sign up for a Sparkling Wine 101 at the Waterfront Seafood Grill. The class runs from 3:30-5pm on February 12, costs $35, and will be taught by Waterfront wine director Kristen Young. The price includes a blind tasting of five different sparklers.

This one should impress the pants off your beloved wino, since you’re not only learning what to buy, you’re taking an active interest in something he/she likes. You can also offer up the class as a Valentine’s gift and attend together. Either way, pants off.

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