Plum Bistro brings vegan delights to a pretty meat heavy holiday. 

Whether you simply don’t feel like spending an absurd number of hours in the kitchen or you just want to spice things up this year, these essential Thanksgiving day spots have your back when it comes to cooking.

Classic Dinners

Ascend Prime Steak and Sushi

Why settle for just dinner when you can have T-day brunch too? The Bellevue fine dining restaurant takes classics like citrus-brined turkey, candied sweet potato, truffle deviled eggs, and pumpkin nitro ice cream and gives them new life at its brunch event from 9:30 to 4:30. $35–$95

Bookstore Bar and Cafe

The beautiful Alexis Hotel’s staple eatery serves a special plate from chef Dan Matthiesen alongside the classic menus for a day. Turkey roulade, porcini mushroom smashed potatoes, sausage bread pudding, and cranberry gastrique are available noon until 8. $38


Nestled at the base of the Thompson Hotel, this fine dining venture hosts a Friendsgiving feast to give diners the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones. A three-course meal consisting of your choice of roasted turkey, salmon, or squash, soup or kale salad, and finished off with, you guessed it, pumpkin pie. Sides are, of course, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, or a classic stuffing. $40–$90

Daniel's Broiler

For dinner with a view the prime steakhouse offers three Thanksgiving menus at the Leschi, South Lake Union, and Bellevue locations, plus a buffet option downtown. That means endless stuffing and gravy, caramelized yams, roasted vegetables, dinner rolls—BRB, drooling. Children are welcome and those under six eat for free. $20–$60


The Pike Place Market bistro serves a classic dinner with a French take for T-day. Six courses of eats with squash bisque, roasted pheasant, sweet potato pancakes, and pumpkin flan. $85


Whether it’s apple and endive salad, pork longanisa, or vegetable fried rice with braised turkey legs and thighs, something just slightly untraditional awaits at the Hotel Monaco’s resident restaurant. The buffet runs from noon to 8. $25–$65

Plum Bistro 

Seattle's favorite plant-based restaurant brings three veggie meals to a pretty meaty holiday. Fig and frisse salad, garlic bacon-ish green beans, maple glazed seitan roast with cornbread stuffing and, a caramel pumpkin cheesecake. The infamous Mac ‘n’ Yease still makes an appearance. There’s even a gluten free option: butternut squash soup, pan-fried brussels, and fig pastry with coffee cardamom ice cream. Order in or eat out. $62–$68


The dockside duo, Ray’s Cafe and Ray’s Boathouse each bring something new to the holiday menu. The upstairs cafe offers a buffet with fresh oysters, snow crab, turkey, salmon, and prime rib while the downstairs restaurant brings a seasonal fall three-course meal to life for the occasion. $33–$65


If you’re one of those people who wishes every meal could be a turkey day dinner, Rider is the place for you. On top of hosting a holiday meal, the Hotel Theodore’s downtown destination offers a holiday turkey sandwich all month long. Smoked and roasted turkey breast on sourdough bread with wild mushroom stuffing, orange coriander cranberry sauce, shaved brussels, and cherry reserve. A la carte


Eric Anderson’s Sunset Hill establishment takes only the best parts of a really good Thanksgiving meal and combines them for its main event: a warm meal by a roasting fire (the one from the open kitchen, that is), plenty of options for everybody in the family (grilled beats, sourdough stuffing, kabocha squash), and someone else to clear your dishes and clean up afterwards. $65

Shaker and Spear

Executive chef Carolynn Spence combines old and new for her holiday menu. The downtown restaurant's usual dinner offerings are still available so don’t fret—so dreamy seafood can still be your Thanksgiving meal. But Spence will bring in a traditional turkey plate special: sage roasted turkey alongside sausage stuffing, and mashed potatoes and gravy. $30


This four-course meal made of all organic ingredients just might make you feel the slightest bit better as you dive in for seconds of the baked brie tartlet or macaroni and cheese. Braised beef brisket makes an appearance alongside cauliflower steak for entrees and the dessert finds new ground with a Theo chocolate cake and pumpkin cashew coconut cheesecake. $90


The comfort food staple of downtown lives up to its reputation during its full-on turkey dinner. Roasted pumpkin bisque, turkey breast in brown butter with chive mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie tart accompanied by ice cream and salted caramel. We’re thankful this is the holiday of indulgence. $15–$55

Order Out

Bakery Nouveau

Everyone knows that half the appeal of Thanksgiving is, of course, the dessert. Bakery Nouveau has you covered with an array of treats. Think four different pies (pumpkin, pecan, chocolate pecan, Dutch apple), two different pumpkin cheesecakes, an apple spice cake, plus brioche and pioneer rolls for sides. Pro tip: just nod when grandma asks if you made this yourself. A la carte

Jack's BBQ

For a smoked meal that you can still eat at home, Jack’s BBQ roasts 120 birds (don’t worry, they’re turkeys) and auctions them off to help ease the cooking burden. Preorder one and pick it up on Thanksgiving alongside a la carte items to round out the meal—garlic truffle mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce, pecan pie. A la carte

Salt and Straw

The November flavors of this Portland-based ice cream shop come in the form of an actual Thanksgiving meal. Start off with the sweet potato casserole with maple pecans flavor, then move on to the roasted peach and sage cornbread stuffing one. Next up is the salted caramel Thanksgiving turkey (with real turkey skins in the ice cream) before the blood orange cranberry sauce. Finally, finish your ice cream meal off with the spiced goat cheese and pumpkin pie flavor. Uh, yum? A la carte

Out of Town

Alderbrook Resort and Spa

This luxurious resort on the Hood Canal invites you to get away for the holiday and enjoy a buffet-style meal in its midst. Nothing out of the ordinary here: squash cream soup, sweet potatoes, turkey, pumpkin pie cheesecake. Stick around for the weekend to catch a glimpse of the tree lighting ceremony the next night. $25–$65

Willows Lodge

For a shorter drive that still gets you out of the city, Willows Lodge in Woodinville brings classics like turkey and prime rib together with seafood specials like jumbo poached prawns for a turkey day feast. $35–$70

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