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Cousins and owners Kim and Tyler Malek founded Salt and Straw in 2011, dispensing flavors that take people on a rollercoaster ride—the sweet, nostalgia-hitting highs, the gasp-inducing drops into savory notes. And much like thrilling attractions, Salt and Straw tends to draw lines. People are known to queue down the block to get a taste of whatever boundaries and experiments Tyler, the flavor nerd of the pair, has churned into creamy goodness. Now the Portland-born ice creamery has two locations in Seattle proper in Ballard and on Capitol Hill. Wherever Salt and Straw lands, each city boasts a handful of tailormade ice creams created from collaborating with local farmers, tea makers, maybe a brewer. For Seattle, Tyler wanted to start out by telling the story of our homegrown chocolate makers and chocolatiers. What that looks like: a gelatolike scoop of Theo’s Big Daddy S’mores dense with smoked-salt chocolate and ribbons of caramel and marshmallow fluff. That logic extends to their take on the ever-classic Gold Bar from Fran’s. And to the unlikely hometown favorite so far: Beecher's Cheese with peppercorn toffee.

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