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7 Places for Flaky, Buttery Biscuits

Biscuit bakeshops: ideal for indulging in all things smothered with gravy, graced with jam, or piled with protein.

By Rosin Saez January 25, 2017

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Fried chicken, pimento cheese, and biscuit-fueled dreams. Photo via The Wandering Goose

Biscuit Bitch

Equipped with cheddar-topped hangover cures, this self-described “trailer park to table” cafe serves up gravy-drenched biscuits with southern-inspired fixings: garlic grits, hot links, pork sausage, and more. Bitches get stuff done, and can do so with biscuits in hand at their Downtown, Belltown, and Pioneer Square locations. 


Expect lines out the door of its quaint cafes in Ballard and University District, but the wait is worth it for the many biscuit combos. Choose your biscuit, be it buttermilk or cheddar chive, and marry it with anything from tomato jam to strawberry balsamic jam to honey butter. A sandwich with prosciutto, fried, egg, manchego, and Mama Lil’s pepper aioli is also a hearty choice.

The Wandering Goose 

Along Capitol Hill’s stretch of storefronts on 15th Ave, Heather Earnhardt’s cafe shows her Southern roots via breakfast staples, towering layer cakes, and a varied lineup of biscuit sandwiches. Get one with crispy, fried chicken and gravy, country ham and egg, or good old butter and jam. Or, you know, just get them all. It’s cool.

Honest Biscuits

At Pike Place Market, getting cheese or meat from your neighbor means coupling “craggy, fluffy, squared-shaped biscuits” with Beecher’s Flagship cheese, Bavarian Meats bacon, and mustard made with Pike Brewing stout ale.

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Serious Pie and Biscuit

By late afternoon, it’s all pizza via Serious Pie. By morning though, satisfy all buttermilk biscuit needs with iterations topped with fried chicken and Tabasco black pepper gravy, fried green tomato, fennel sausage—even add creamy grits. No rules!

Biscuit Box

Parked at the Fremont Sunday Market, this mobile truck crafts biscuits in the most Seattle way: baked with Washington flour and paired with local accoutrements. Get one with sweet cream butter and honey, strawberry freezer jam, or their signature tomato jam. Savory options include a bao-inspired number topped with Chinese-style barbecue pork belly.

Seattle Biscuit Co.

Also hailing from the South, the bakers behind this food truck know biscuits. Theirs may be topped with jalapeño-blackberry jam and bacon or for “a potentially religious experience,” one is a mountain of biscuits with four eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, pickles, sausage gravy, and cheese grits. Damn.

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