7 Seattle Brands Slinging Merch with Attitude

These local businesses aren't afraid to show a little sass.

By Nicole Martinson January 24, 2020

Salty as Fuck

Allude to your underlying attitude (or your taste for over-seasoned seafood) with The Octopus Bar’s “Salty as Fuck” T-shirt, also available as a crewneck. “Fresh as Fuck” T-shirts and crewnecks are on hand as well. These bad boys are black with simple white lettering, and are embellished with the address for the bar’s new location, which is set to open early March. T-shirts $25, crewnecks $35

Sprinkle Bitch

Pack a lot of character into a bite-sized spot with this “Sprinkle Bitch” sticker, created by Cupcake Royale’s design and marketing manager Tanner Mclaughlin. Or radiate your love for cupcakes (and profanity) with a “Sprinkle Bitch” graphic T-shirt when it's released later this year. Find the stickers at any Cupcake Royale for $2.

Get Shucked Up

I present to you Mission Oyster Wasted: Eat as many bivalves as possible while wearing this preshrunk, white-on-black T-shirt. Mission location: Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar. Mission fee (before you buy all those mollusks): $28.


Supporting a local artist while also deterring too-friendly strangers? Sign me up. (I swear, I’m not part of the Seattle Freeze!) Visual artist Tariqa Waters considers the power behind the word “No” in this tote, available at the Seattle Art Museum. Waters’ design is also available as a glittery vinyl sticker. Totes $19, stickers $3


You might be super possessive over your coffee, or you might just be from Seattle. If your heart skips a beat over this 16-ounce Seattle Opera mug, houseguests and coworkers should stay away—hot beverage gods, please help them if they don’t. $17

Rosé All Day

Make your love affair with blush wines known to all who see your laptop, water bottle, or bumper with this wooden sticker from Chateau Ste. Michelle. This pretty little thing is three inches in diameter and sports a baby pink background. $13

Seattle Doesn’t Settle

What don’t we settle for, you ask? Plastic bags, out-of-town IPAs, hot dogs sans cream cheese… Take your pick, and a stand of righteousness, with Hotel Max’s “Seattle Doesn’t Settle” mural-inspired tote bags and mugs. Totes $7, mugs $10 

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