The biscuit at Rachel's is totally our jam.

Most self-respecting brunch restaurants have a solid biscuits and gravy dish on the menu. But a few local bakeshops are wholly (or mostly) committed to America’s favorite quick bread. These biscuit specialists make a mean breakfast sandwich, or can send you on your way with a simple spread and a cup of coffee to begin the day.

Morsel is all about smart sandwich combos.


University District

This frill-free coffee shop nails two vital skill sets: biscuits tall as a beehive and rippling with butter, and fillings sandwiched inside that are clever enough to hold their own amid all those fluffy carbs. The Spanish Fly—manchego cheese, arugula, peppery aioli, and egg yolk drizzling down folds of prosciutto—will impress you with its nuance, but also slay that hangover. 

Biscuit Bitch

Belltown, Pike Place Market

This sassy duo of counters is all about the Bitchwitch, often less a sandwich than a glorious horizontal landscape of golden-crisp biscuit: halved, drenched with gravy, or stacked with Southern-inspired fixings. Strip away the extras (hot links, garlic grits) and you’ve got a classic Bitchwitch that channels all the best elements of a fast food breakfast sandwich, with a serious upgrade in quality. Make sure to read the instructions for online ordering, bitch, and be prepared for some hefty wait times.

One bitchin' breakfast sandwich.

Seattle Biscuit Co.


The original food truck is still parked outside this low-slung storefront on Leary. Inside, you’ll find some of the town’s best biscuit sandwiches—thoughtful, audacious, and assembled with high-caliber ingredients. A single sandwich could be stacked with bacon, ham, and pickles, then doused in apple butter and Walla Walla sweet onion mustard. The Willie Lee—egg, bacon, Beecher’s Flagship cheese, and a waterfall of jam—is a savory-sweet marvel. Order to go, or hang out inside the surprisingly atmospheric dining room, where the decor and the cocktail list are equally Southern.

Rachel’s Bagels and Burritos


Don’t let the name fool you. When Rachel’s (the former Pork Chop and Co.) went all in on its bagel and burrito alter ego, it kept a duo of biscuit sandwiches on the menu. One’s a classic bacon-egg-cheddar combo, the other gets fancied up with ham, spicy honey, and sumac onions. Both reflect this kitchen’s mad baking skills, and its restaurant roots. Even a plain biscuit—with honey, jam, or butter—can rival those elaborate bagels and burritos.

Rachel's puts square eggs in a round biscuit.

Honest Biscuits

Pike Place Market

You’ll not find a biscuit shop in town with a more impressive waterfront view. But its bay-facing perch in Pike Place Market’s newest wing is hardly the main attraction at Honest Biscuits. Craggy, fluffy, square-shaped biscuits come in more than a half-dozen sandwich iterations. If you build your own, it’s never a bad idea to start with the MacGregor, the house biscuit studded with flavors from Market neighbors, like Bavarian Meats bacon, Beecher’s Flagship cheese, and caramelized onion. The menu includes a solid gluten-free biscuit and some exceptionally good gluten-free (and vegan) gravy to pour on top.

Biscuit and Bean

Ballard, Lake Stevens

Everything about this converted house in Ballard is understated—the name, the muted color scheme, even the biscuits themselves, modest rounds just larger than an english muffin. But the interplay of tender interior and crisp crust is ripped straight from your biscuit dreams. The quartet of sandwiches is impeccable, but one of the supreme pleasures of Biscuit and Bean consists of ordering a biscuit with one of the house spreads, like maple butter or tomato jam. These meals aren’t gut busters, but a biscuit you can enjoy on the regular. Maybe that’s why this place has expanded to include a Lake Stevens location and another one due in Los Angeles.

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